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Retainer Fee Program Terms and Conditions

1) The Retainer Program is a service program to assist my customers
    and is designed more as a service agreement paid in advance, for
    additional benefits over and above my current standard service.
    Retainer benefits will be determined as indicated below.
    The Retainer Program is for computer educational and repair
    services rendered by Carpenter Computer Services. Other
    services, such as web site design and non computer related
    services are not covered by the Retainer Fee

$250 - 15% discount of the standard rates for computer service.
        - 5% discount on the cost of parts purchased.

$500 - 20% discount of the standard rates for computer service.
        - 50% discount of the house call service fee.
        - 10% discount on the cost of parts purchased.

$1000 - 25% discount of the standard rates for computer service.
          - NO house call service fee.
          - 15% discount on the cost of parts purchased.
          - Priority scheduling of service calls.

2) Retainers will begin when payment is received, and will cover all
    future services provided by Carpenter Computer Service. Retainer
    Fee's will not be applied to services rendered prior to receipt of the
    retainer fee.

3) The service rates will be locked to the Retainer, and will remain in
    effect until the Retainer is completed. If the service rates increase,
    your service rate will remain at the same level as when the
    Retainer was purchased. Renewal of a retainer will be made at the
    prevailing rate for service. If my rates increase while your retainer
    is in effect, your rates will be locked at the level when purchased.
    Renewal of the Retainer will be at the current rate for service that
    is in effect at the time your current Retainer expires

4) As a courtesy, parts may be purchased using the Retainer Fee.
    Parts will be discounted as indicated under the benefits. A
    maximum of $100 ( 15%) can be deducted from your Retainer
    Fee for the purchase of parts per incident. For example, if your
    computer requires a total parts expenditure of $112, this will be
    allowed to be deducted from the Retainer Fee. If you have parts
    expenditure of $123, then you would be required to pay $23 in
    advance of the purchase. Remember, the Retainer Program is a
    service agreement. Parts and computer systems are the
    responsibility of the customer to provide. This section is only
    provided as an additional courtesy to my customers.

5) This Retainer Program will cover the computer systems that belong
    to your household. Detected abuse of the Retainer Program, such
    as ;bringing a computer that belongs to someone who lives outside
    of the home, into the house, for the purposes of repairing their
    computer at the discounted rate, will result in immediate
    termination of the Retainer, and forfeiture of any outstanding
    balance of the Retainer Fee. This clause does not apply to children
    who return home from Collage with computer problems. Children
    who are in collage are to be considered as household members.
    However, they must bring the computer home for the Retainer Fee
    to apply.

6) During the normal course of service, people who have been
    discovered to be using their computers for illegal activities will
    immediately have the outstanding balance of the Retainer Fee
    forfeited, and their names and other pertinent information will be
    given to the jurisdictional law enforcement agency.


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